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When it comes to propane, you can trust American Distributing to work with you from start to finish — from installing your propane tanks to delivering the fuel that provides hot water for your morning shower, warmth for your evening comfort and heat to cook your meals. You can even purchase your propane gas furnace from us, and ask us to maintain it.

American Distributing is a full-service propane supplier serving all of Snohomish and surrounding counties. We have endeavored over the years, and continue to work hard every day, to earn our reputation for outstanding customer service and prompt propane delivery. With us, you’re a neighbor as well as a customer — never just an account number.

Put your trust in us for energy that works efficiently for you. And for people who strive every day to deliver the best in service.

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Prompt residential service


Installation of in-ground and above-ground tanks
Propane furnace repairs, preventive maintenance, replacements and installation
Tank replacement (free site estimate)

Regular fuel delivery (Keep Full Service)

Regularly scheduled, no-hassle propane deliveries so you don’t have to remember to call.

Payment Options

• Pay-as-you-go each time we refill your propane tank, with approved credit. Statements are mailed to the customer at the end of each month.

• Budget plan spreads your fuel payments evenly over 12 months
to smooth out the peaks and valleys in monthly energy bills.


Propane Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use propane gas?
60 million Americans choose propane gas because it saves money on your monthly energy bills. According to recent national average, fuel prices from the U.S. Department of Energy, it could cost two times as much to operate your range, water heater, dryer or furnace with electricity as it does with propane gas. In addition, propane gas is clean and environmentally friendly.

How much will I pay per gallon for propane gas?
We always compute your cost at the time of delivery so you pay current market rate at that time. The price per gallon depends on the market rate, which changes frequently.

What exactly is propane gas?
Propane is a derivative of two large energy industries: natural gas processing (60 percent) and crude oil refining (40 percent). According to the National Propane Gas Association, 97% of the propane we use in the US is produced in North America, employing 96,000 Americans who produce, deliver and market propane gas.

Why should I choose American Distributing for my propane service?
Because we have your best interest in mind and we’re a full-service, family-owned heating company, you can rely on just one team of fully trained technicians for everything from installation to year-in, year-out service for your propane gas tank and furnace. In addition, with a gas maintenance agreement for your furnace, you'll get priority service, a no-extra-charge annual furnace tune-up plus discounted prices on parts and service.